Sunday, March 24, 2013

Learning Learning Learning

Our local union recently  held a workshop on the Common Core State Standards. The presenters were from the AFT. As we begin implementing the CCSS, as educators we need the latest information and resources to plan instruction.  It was a really good workshop and I felt as though I left there with knowledge I could bring back to my students.They are suppose to do more presentations on implementing CCSS in classroom this summer. If the AFT happens to present in your area it is definitely worth your time.  Readworks was one of the resources that was shared. If you haven't heard of, it is FREE and has over 1,000 non fiction passages. The passages are aligned to the CCSS and Lexile Leveled.

If you are not using this in your classroom, it is time to start. We are learning about rocks and minerals in science.  My partner teacher and I created a center activity based on the passage, Hard Rocks.
These are two of the questions  

The question cards are stacked in a deck. The reader pulls the card and reads the questions. The passages are in page protectors, so the students can underline the passage with dry erase markers.The job for this activity are question card reader, time keeper, materials manager, answer checker,substitute, group leader.
The borders are from Jen Jones Hello Literacy Crayon Doodle Border Set (Free). She has a lot of fabulous stuff in her store.  If you would like a set of the cards, follow me  and I'll them to you.


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